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Re: Bose Radio

In a message dated 97-11-10 14:37:45 EST, MSV96 writes:

<< While I agree the quality of US import asian built Blaupunkt products has
gone WAY down in the past 8 or so years, they are not to blame for Audi Delta
and Gamma radio problems as far as I know. In the late '80's (88 or 89 model
year) Audi made a switch for OE radios to Matsushita (parent Co. of
Panasonic, etc.) and only one year of Delta was made by Blaupunkt. The
decisions for what o.e. brand Audi used was based on cost. The reason I know
all of this is that during the mid to late 80's I ran the western US's
largest repair volume Blaupunkt "key" warranty service center. >>

Despite your credeitials, and perhaps because they are 10 years old, you are
wrong.  ALL of the Audi Delta radios (both generations), plus the Gamma and
Rothenburg radios were made by Blaupunkt.  Nobody else.  Most were made in
Germany (Hildesheim) although some later production was moved to Portugal.
 Need proof?  Check the label on the head unit.  Sure, Blaupunks sourced some
of their OE radios for other manufacturers from Asia, but not the Audi OE
radios.  Period.

Audi did source some radios -- the Wiesbaden model only -- from Panasonic.
<< I have had no ties with Blaupunkt for now almost 10 years ..... Where I
felt this post required clarification is in the vendor of the actual head
units. .....I shy away from audio related discussions on this list but felt
this clarification was in order ...) >>

See the real clarification, above.

Bottom line is that the radios in question (Delta, Gamma, Rothenburg) ARE ALL
Blaupunkt, they ARE NOT Asian-built, they ARE poor quality.  The only
Panasonic radio used by Audi during the 80s/90s has been the Wiesbaden and it
wasn't a Bose compatible radio. In fact, it was only fitted to the 80/90
models, for which there was no Bose system.

A closing note to our friends outside the U.S.  The above assertions apply to
the U.S. market with certainty.  I believe they apply equally well to other
markets where the radios named were used by the Audi importer/distributor.