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Re: Bose Radio

In a message dated 11/10/97 5:30:56 PM EST, ScharfR writes:

> Despite your credeitials, and perhaps because they are 10 years old, you 
> are wrong.  ALL of the Audi Delta radios (both generations), plus the Gamma

> and Rothenburg radios were made by Blaupunkt.  Nobody else.

Thank you for your clarification regarding vendors. I could have sworn I have
seen Delta's with a Matsushita sticker but may well be wrong there too. It
indeed has been that many years since I was involved in warranty service for
any brand of car audio. I have mostly done home audio and video since then.

My main point (which may have been missed here) is that it is a combination
of the vendor (whoever it may be) *and* Audi who are responsible for the
quality of the o.e. car audio systems as it is (as is in all design work) a
trade off between features, build quality, and cost. Of course Audi wants the
features crammed in at the lowest possible cost. Where's the give?
Yup...quality. Make it last in reasonable numbers for the car's warranty
period is the main goal for design and build quality.

Where I currently moonlight we do all brands of car audio repair (I only work
on home stuff, and car CD players though). Our car audio tech deals with o.e.
radios from all car makers and the common thread seems to be poor build
quality be they Pioneer, Matsushita, Clarion, F-Ten, or Alpine (the most
common makers of o.e. car radios). I won't state what brand cars go with what
vendors (publically), but let's just say that many would be very surprised. 

Bottom line is that the o.e. radio in most cars is like the generally crappy
o.e. tires. You get what you can out of it and replace it if your tastes
desire better when that time comes. Hope this clarifies the point of my post.
I am not a big Blaupunkt fan and haven't been since they sold good quality
product here in the US and that has been many years indeed. I apologize for
any confusion my post may have caused.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq