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Bosch terminal identification chart

In message <s4670bb0.066@wppost.depaul.edu> Alex Kowalski (audial@aol.com) (Law Guest Account) writes:

> As Phil indicated a few days ago, the DIN standards explaining all of the
> electrical terminal designations (e.g., those numbers on the relay
> terminals) are available through Beuth-Verlag in Germany.  The pertinent
> standards, 72552-1 and -2, would cost about $45 total to order from
> them.  
> I'd be willing to do this, but you can get them only in the following choice
> of languages:
> German, Chinese, or Portugese.

Oh, frigg!  Really?

I _did_ detect a significant lack of functionality on the 'English' pages, and 
being bilingual I just switched to the Kraut.  What a bitch.

I guess there are two options:

a) The Germans succeeded in getting the DIN standard accepted by ISO.  Then
   there'll be an English ISO version.
b) They didn't, and muggins (me) will get lumbered with translating at least
   the tabular data.  After all, how onerous can it be?  The highest number 
   I've seen in the ur-quattro is "81".

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club