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VW vs. Mercedes & Audi vs. BMW

In message <3466E8ED.DCDF1ED6@novagate.com> Sargent Schutt writes:

> Fitting the hard top is not a DEALER job on the late 70's-80's MB SL,
> but it is a two person job, unless you have the top in a harness to
> lower it on to the car (BTDT). Nothing complicated about the procedure,
> just cumbersome. (How, pray tell, do you get it to the dealer to have it
> fitted?? Put it in the trunk?) ;-)

The dealer stores it for you.  Also part of the deal.  Honest.

> Anyone ever heard of fitting the Audi Cabrio w/ quattro? An S2 cabrio
> would sure be slick. I assume the additional supports would get in the
> way of the rear driveshaft, or is the floor pan entirely different on
> the cabrio?


(This has been discussed before!)

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club