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Re: Oil pressure drop, but oil level fine...

Gerard wrote:

> > My Audi is a 20V Coupe non turbo and it's pressure is about the same 1.3
> > to 1.8 barwith Synthetic 10W40.
> > Do you know what it was before the oil change?  And are you useing an OEM
> > oil filter?There may be more back pressure on some non OEM oil filters.
> Oil filter is from VW/Audi and not some arb filter. Before the change
> I just used to put in multigrade which was something like 20W50. When
> using that the oil pressure never dropped below the 1.8 bar the manual
> indicates.
> > And doe's the oil light come on at any time?
> No. Nothing like that. But since this drop in oil pressure I have to
> admit that this thing really moves compared to what it was before. :)
> > And another thought. There may be nothing wrong. It may just be the
> > viscocity.
> > What the manual say about viscocity?
> The manual says 20W50 multigrade is what should be used for all-year
> round use. I spoke to my mechanic this morning, he has the car today
> to see where it is leaking from (I hope not from the camshaft seals,
> again!!!), he told me it is the oil and its viscocity that is doing
> that. My concern now is what pressure should I become worried at? I
> mean, if the manual indicates 1.8 bar is low enough to warrant and
> immediate inspection, then if I'm running 1.0 or 0.8 bar then when do
> I become concerned? Should I just worry about the oil light and when
> it comes on?

Will if you mechanic says the engine is ok, I would take note of the oil
pressure with this oil.And use if as a ref. point.

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