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Re: silicon spray on rubber seals?


   I'd like to hear Brett's explanation as to why silicon spray/gel is bad for
rubber seals???  Brett, care to elaborate?  I have been using it on my rubber
window/door seals for years, and I think it is VERY good for them.  Renourishes
them and keeps them "rubbery" rather than getting hard, brittle, and then
cracking.  I had all the original seals on my 5ktq and they were in very good
condition.  It also helps keep them from freezing up in the winter and provides
and extra layer of protection against that!

    BTW, about the glass stuff.  Well, I used a silicon gel and hand rubbed it
into the rubber seals.  I bought this bottle of pure silicone that was made
locally and sold at our local british/import parts store for the sole purpose
of using it on rubber seals.  I let my last set of door handle seals soak in it
before installing them!  But, if this is bad or deteriorates the rubber, I'd
like to know, and I'd like to know what to use in it's place.  Any suggestions?
Audi weatherstripping isn't cheap.  IMHO, silicon works!