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Re: Troubleshooting Hard hot Start problem narrowed. 865ktq

Please post any findings on this as my 90 200 has the same problem,
I've replaced everything short of the regulator, injectors, fuel distributor and

freq-valve. It looks like I may bring it into the shop soon. Mmechanic here says

he's a CIS guru. If and when I do this I'll post what the problem was, however
I do think it is the regulator.


Luis Patino wrote:

> >      I Tested the fuel pump. Awesome pressure! I hooked an old Spray gun
> >      gauge Up to the line after the filter. ....Residual pressure OK also
> >      around 40 Psi. The Fuel Injector blower motor and circuit works fine
> >      too.  Now Here is the problem.
> >
> >      Start the car cold No problem.
> >
> >      Wait till it warm up (Rad fan comes on)
> >
> >      Shut car off, Right after it is shut off if I start it right away no
> >      problem... HOWEVER , If I wait 2-3 min after shutting the car off It
> >      starts REALLY hard. In a no start condition I Get spark, but the plug
> >      actually looks dry. If I give it a shot of fuel through the throttle
> >      body manually it will start. Something Is "Leaking" or going amiss in
> >      the fuel Dist unit or poss Injectors?
> >
> >      Any Ideas?  The thing that really bugs me is this car runs awesome,
> >      smooth as silk.... but I cant leave it running all the time! :-)
> >
> >      please e-mail me Direct.    OH 85 5000cs TQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> NO!! please don't just email Glen directly! My car is also doing this. Many
> in the list have this problem with 4k's, 5k's, 100's, 200's, Ur-q's, etc.
> Please, we need to know all the BTDT available.
> Thanks,
> Luis
> 85 4ksq - like new except for the $#%^#@! hot start