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Bummer: latest backlit guage face news...

Spent over an hour on the phone Friday with NRAuto's tech (Neil) discussing
guage faces on Audi's (my dime, long distance at .25 a minute...). They are
very unwilling to do special projects like this as they have been burned
badly in the past. They do all their manufacturing in house, except the have
to farm out their computer work - where their real expense comes in. He
knows that after he did this production run that he would get no further
orders as the age of the car and its limited remaining numbers preclude
further interest. Accordingly, he has to make his money up front.

Bottom line:
1. He'll do a run on backlit guages for minimum 40 orders. If he gets 75
orders, he'll do any number of guage faces desired, which means we could
include 89-91 faces. One color only.
2. He'll do a front lit order (example 4Kq) for a minimum 30 orders.

At this point I have to consider this job shelved - it took three weeks of
whining to get 27 orders. I plan on doing the following:
Contacting Ned and Ivor to see if they would be interested in either taking
over this deal in total or picking up the rest. Taking over the order would
probably run the price up somewhat - as they would make a profit too...

Placing an ad in the next QCUSA quarterly to try to generate enough orders
from off line owners.

Any other ideas would be graciously accepted...

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