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Re: 15.1 code on CC: what next

Steve Valin wrote:
> I'll have to check on this when I get home, but US market cars are
> missing one of the flaps, so an error code is always logged.  I had 

While the first statement is true, the second is not. When
the CC is working correctly, no error code is logged.

I think I remember that a couple of other listers have had
this same problem. I think it's a durability issue, as (I believe)
the flap in question is the one that is constantly working
to control temperature.

You may have a bad connection, or the potentiometer may be

I'm not sure of the location off-hand, but it's going to be
deep inside the dash somewhere :-). You may want to take a look
at the wiring diagrams on the AllData CD and see if you can
find G113 there.

1993 90CS 62k miles