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Unbelievable! Finally a NON-AUDI SPECIFIC problem! I don't have to go
looking in the archives!

Opened the glove box this AM, found some slightly shredded paperwork and
mouse pellets (polite term for mouse turds). MICE! My f*'n car has MICE!

Thought about mace, teargas, dynamite, but upon consultation with local
pest control guy, will go buy some old-time spring loaded mechanical
mousetraps, bait them with peanut butter, and wait. I don't feel like
taking apart the entire heating and A/C system looking for a dead, smelly
mouse carcass.

I would feel bad about killing deer (even though venison is tasty), but I
have no compunctions whatsoever about terminating these furry little
bastards before they decide to make a meal of the wiring harness! Never a
dull moment.

Suppose I'll have the trophy stuffed and mounted . . . 

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
(86 5Ks - the one that smells like peanut butter)