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Re: FS CQ's and S4's

> There have been a couple of posts by people looking for CQ's...
>   1991 Audi Coup-Quattro, 67K miles, $15,000, Santa Monica, California
>   Day: (310) 399-2539  Mail: bryan@fitscape.com
> A bit high, wouldn't you say?

YUP!  I saw one in Minneapolis last weekend for $10,500 if I recall!  An
Indigo blue '91.  ;-)   (The one I saw needed a little attention, but it
had potential.)

Also, if anyone is interested, I saw SIX "S Cars" for sale in the
Cities.   One 1992 S4, three '93s, two 95's... one of which was an
Avant!  ;-)



'90 CQ20V