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Re: silicone spray on rubber products

My dad's printing equipment has a lot of rubber rollers to move the paper
around, etc.  One of the things we used to restore the tackiness of the
rollers was silicone spray, as well as a product called "Rubber Roller
Rejuvinator".  I don't know if it is silicone based, but it does restore the
surface tackiness of the rubber after you've fed 250,000 sheets of paper
past them.  There's quite a bit of ozone in my dad's laser-print shop that
attacks the rubber, hardening it, etc.  I can imagine, though, if you had the
silicone substance in constant contact with the rubber that it would
soften to the point that it would deteriorate as well.

I'll send him an email and ask him for the recommended uses of the
"Rejuvinator" spray product and its composition.  It could be just the thing
for restoring old rubber seals, etc.  

Also, there's a shop near where I live in Chicago that caters to the
S&M/rubber-fetishist population.  I'll bet they know a thing or two about
rubber and how to keep it in good shape!  Maybe I'll drop in and ask what
they use to keep things supple, poke around a little, etc., now that I have
an excuse to go in there without looking like a geek spectator...     ;-).

Best Wishes,
'86 5KCSTQ