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WG Dump -Reply

You need and out and an in to the valve plus a vacuum line to
activate it. You need to dump the air from the pressurized side
(intercooler) to the air box side (low pressure) that's why there
are two brazed nipples required. Of course the intercooler is
not between the airbox and turbo, that may have been a
misunderstanding from the way I wrote the orignial post. I'm
shifting boost from the pressure side to the unpressuruzed
side. Isn't that what we need to do here? I have Igor's post.
Thanks for all input.


>>> <AMD2539@aol.com> 11/11/97 01:26pm >>>
<<We need to dump the boost into the line
between the airbox and turbo to avoid dumping metered air into
the atmosphere.  As Avi suggested we braze a nipple to the
intercooler (ours
of course aluminum). Most likely the intercooler outlet as it
has a long neck and lots of area to add an outlet. >>

I would ask you what you want to do here.   The IC is not
between the airbox
and the turbo.   Secondly, why would you want to mess/screw
with the
pressurized intake system on a turbo vehicle by drilling the IC
for a dump, a
temp sender maybe!?
If you want a dump valve there are extensive posts by Igor K. 
He used, I
believe, a stock S4 setup with minimally invasive plumbing to
vent in the air
box I thinlk.  I saw his rough schematic and it seems much
simpler than your
current plan.