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Re: Oh Deer!

> In yesterday's Crab-Wrapper (local newspaper), the department of Natural
> Resources published a set of guidelines to motorists regarding the deer
> population explosion we are experiencing here on the east coast.  Their
> strong advice is 1)  Do NOT swerve to avoid deer.  (Your experience is a
> sad validation of the wisdom of that); and 2) Do not waste your money on
> "Deer Whistles."  They are unable to find a single data point showing that
> they have any effectiveness at all.

A local driving school taught our oldest son as follows:

Don't swerve to avoid animals, run 'em down.  (At least that was
how it was received.)

And in the case of deer, if possible, aim for the rear of the animal
since there are likely to be antlers on the other end and if it's
going to land in your lap...

And I suspect, if it's going to run, it would be very unlikely
to run backwards.