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re: Deer, on not hitting

Somebody else said:
>A local driving school taught our oldest son as follows:

>Don't swerve to avoid animals, run 'em down.  (At least that was
>how it was received.)

>And in the case of deer, if possible, aim for the rear of the animal
>since there are likely to be antlers on the other end and if it's
>going to land in your lap...

>And I suspect, if it's going to run, it would be very unlikely
>to run backwards.

What he said! Aim for the back, don't try to swerve to the front of the animal 
because that's the way they run. I grazed a deer early in the morning pretty 
much in downtown Tremonton, Utah several years ago - tried to go around front 
of the thing, and he met me halfway, tried to run over the ovloV (83 760 GLE 
TD) and ended up just taking off the passenger mirror with his shoulder before 
disappearing into the forest.

I would also like to second the recommendation for good lights. Like, for 
instance, *not* US DOT lights. The euros are going in this weekend.

I too was rummaging through old Road&Tracks last night and came upon the '91 
200q review. Hey, they liked it! Way to be, R&T! "The Audi you don't have to be 
named Hans or Hurley to appreciate."

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 79k, shiny (& a little whiny) new stereo, where are those 
1988 GTI 16v, 173k, no whiny still shiny stereo, no snow yet anyway