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Re: Deer-proofing an Audi

>> So IMHO, they work.  But you still shouldn't be driving in such a way as to
>> come over  a hill or around a corner so fast you will hit what you couldn't
>> see.  I worry a deer will hear the whistle, freeze in the lane, and
>> kabsploot! when I 'round the corner (or crest the hill).

>I remember always being warned that deer will just stand there and stare
>at your headlights.  So, if you're in a situation where you need the deer
>to move (no way to steer around them), would it be enough just to turn off
>your headlights?  I've never had a chance to try this out, since I live
>too close to the city.

Having grown up in the mountains of northern Utah, I have had MANY close
calls with deer in the road.  A tactic taught to me by a uncle has saved
me from many collosions.  This is to quickly turn off your lights and
lay on the horn. By doing this the deer is not hypnotized by the lights
and can then react to the sound, effectively making them launch from the
road.  But now living in southern Arizona, I need to find a way to clear
the road of snakes, lizards and those pesky javelina!

'87 5KCSTQ