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re: bosch vs. Audi part on mass air flow sensor =$400 savings

Diagnosed my '91 200q as having a bad motronic mass air flow sensor (hot wire
sensor) courtesy of my Bentley manuals.  Local dealer (Park Audi, Lawrence
Massachusetts) wanted $667.  Called to Clair Parts Express Audi in Boston and
they wanted $567.  VW Parts, and Imparts wanted $370 and German Parts and
Restoration wanted $290 for the Bosch part.  Found a local foreign auto
(Autoparts Foreign in Plaistow, New Hampshire, 800-682-2443) that sold me the
bosch part for $260 delivered via overnight UPS.

Put it in tonight, and drove the car around the block: seems 100% better.
 So, if your part has a Bosch part number, I'd recommend shopping it around
instead of going directly to the dealer.  Also, seems like the Bentley
investment payed for itself once again...

Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q, new air flow sensor, new driver's door lock lever, and possibly
fixed alarm now that it is indexed correctly...