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we don't need no stinking

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 PP> In message <34690673.15C8@nais.com> Michael Murphy writes:
 > Does this car have any badges?  There's nothing on the front/rear to
 > denote model, which leads me (who has never seen a V8 before this) to
 > think that it was hit/repaired.  92K miles and very clean, maybe too
 > clean.  Ask price is 16K (I know its insane).  

 PP> I believe the lack of badges is the V8's only distiguishing feature.

 PP> What engine does it have?

     The '90 V8Q's are sans-badges in the US. The rear window
     defogger spells out "Quattro", the V8 has the rear window
     shade, lightbar/reflector on trunk, red turn signal
     lights that blink yellow, flared fenders, wipers on
     the headlights, and a list of "minor" differences that
     would probably rival a "which tires" or "best oil" post
     for bandwidth.  The differences may seem minor, but a
     V8Q owner can spot another V8Q a mile away.

     I'm know the archives are chocked full of V8Q info, so
     an afternoon checking them may be worthwhile. They are
     a pain (no offense Phil) and time consuming to scan.



     '90 V8Q - Don't need no stinking badges.
     '84 5KS

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