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Re: Oh Deer and more...

In a message dated 97-11-12 08:50:47 EST, mendicant@buddhist.com writes:

<< ... 1)  Do NOT swerve to avoid deer. >>

    I didn't swerve to avaoid a dear once.   I did however have the ability
to slow to a halt a few feet bofore contacting him.  He just so happened to
be traveling with a few friends that night though.  When the UrQ stopped, and
we were looking eye to eye, three of his pals came plowing into me from the
side.  They couldn't stop once they hit the wet pavement.  Ooh, thats gonna
leave a mark...   And it did, but nowhere as bad as if I had hit the first
one.   I guess what upset me the most is the way they looked at ME,  like I
was bothering them.   Didn't even phase the bastards...

    Next scenereo,  Sitting at a stoplight in the wonderful city of Chicago I
look up the block to the right.  My passenger says " look at those two dogs
haulin' ass".   Wow, they sure are I thought,  straight for me...  With
nowhere to go once again, I sat there watching this all happen in slow
motion.  The first dog got to the intersection and he was definitely well
prepped for the track,  he beautifully clipped the apex and accellerated out
of the corner like a bullet.  Well the second dog must have been running
Eagle GA's or something, 'cause he had no turn-in at all. Four wheel drift.
The car did a quick rocking motion as the door of the UrQ served as a berm
for the mutts 90degree left-hander.   I didn't wanna look...   A nice match
for the one left by the deer a few months earlier...

     I guess I'm overdue to apply a bit of punishment to some form of
wildlife,  I hope it is something that'll fit nicely under a tire though.


'83 UrQ, used as a punching bag by the wildlife of IL.