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1990 V8 Quattro Idle Problem too

I guess I've been to late catching up on the Idle problem e-mails, so I
hope someone can catch me up!

My 90 V8 has the same sort of issue, but only when first starting the car.
I haven't been able to pin it down to whether the car is cold or hot.

What happens is that after turning the key, the engine lights up, revs up
to 1000+ rpm (like normal), idle comes down, and I guess some idle
adjustment motor is trying to recover the idle but doesn't do it fast
enough and the car dies.  I sometime have to restart the car a half-dozen
times before the car stays on.

The funny thing is that I can hold down the accelerator after starting it
and keep the car on, but as soon as I lift my foot off the gas pedal, it
dies 'cause it didn't raise the idle up quick enough.


George Earle