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hi-mileage vettes

Phil asks...
>Hmm.  Do 'vette drivers consider 100k+ a lot?

You bet they do!  Most owners don't drive them in the rain or snow and 
treat them like show cars.  You can't drive them if you are carrying more 
than one passenger or any luggage.  And you don't take them on long trips 
regularly because they are too loud.  I don't drive mine in the rain or 
snow either, nor when it's really cold (the fiberglass sqeaks). Why bother? 
Most vettes advertised in the paper seem to be driven about 2-6k miles per 

I met an owner of an 87 roadster with more than 100k.  He said that when it 
got to that point, it finally became really, really, *really* fun to drive, 
because he stopped pampering it.

Jack Rich
90 V8Q
88 Corvette convertible (with high milage - 51k+)
84 4kq (today is the 14th aniversary of when I bought it)