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Re: CQ/S2 colors? -Reply

Big Surrrrrprise...
Once again I happen upon some bloody mystery vehicle and find no
solution (thus far) from the group.
(1)  Yes, I still swear the light-green metallic urQ existed (must
have been repainted).
(2)  The CQ I am seeing is NOT blue.  Have seen the Mica and the Lago
(on other vehicles) but this CQ ain't either!

Tacking, tacking.....Perhaps an S2?  Did they come in a darkish
metallic green color?

Seeing green...and unfortunately it isn't in my wallet.

Derek Daily
86 VW Qtm Syncro (Tornado Red, but green with envy)

>>> Chris Maresca <ckm@eainet.com> - 11/12/97 11:57 AM >>>
At 3:08 PM -0800 11/11/97, Derek Daily wrote:
>Continue to see an anthracite (metallic green) color CQ here in the
>bay area, but its the only one I've ever seen.*

I believe that's a Lago Blue car.  Came with a grey interior.  I've
been looking for a Coupe, and heard of one this color.  Anyone ever
seen a black on black car?