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Trip to Mexico Report (no Audi, some VW content)

In message <01BCEF73.0BB57490.rbw@avs.com> Rob Winchell writes:

> 2) Probably 40% of all cars are VWs. Most of them are Beetles (or some 
> variation of the Beetle). Seeing brand-new Beetles (old-style of course) 
> was fun. There were also a bunch of Jettas. There was VW that seemed to be 
> quite popular called the "Derby". It looked like a baby-Passat and looked 
> like a new model in the last couple years.

Oh, no.  No. no. no.

The Derby was the bane of car renters' lives in the late 1970s in Germany:

  "I'm sorry, sir - we're fresh out of anything you'd consider even
   slightly acceptable.  But we _do_ have a number of Derbys."

Aaaaaaargh!  Like a Polo with no shock absorbers.  I think it was actually the 
"Stufenheck" version of one of the hatchbacks.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club