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Air Flow in a bypass valve

In a message dated 97-11-12 14:12:58 EST, S.O.c. write:

<< > The valve was installed correctly.....  And this is not something that
 > limited to my car, The two other cars in the test program both HAD to be 
 >converted over to the HKS because of the early dump problem.
Ok, defective valves, guilt by association the argument.   9psi is early, the
stock k24 turbo cars bypass valve would open early too with this argument if
that's the case, it doesn't.   They are rated at 14psi+.   AIR DENSITY HAS
talking about Desinty (your spelling) you are talking about FLOW and Boost
 > Two of the Bosch valves is NOT smaller and simpler to install....  
 > Besides they will still open early......
Comparing the aluminum 24 psi valve, NOT the Bosch stock, tho 2 sports could
prolly handle most stage II mods.  Considering the Blue t-body hoses
available to most of us, I claim that "simpler" might be relative to modus. 

 >>DENSITY is not an applicable term to a by pass valve.  PSI and FLOW are.
 > Don't you wish you were right.......  Density is what we are trying to 
 > achive with a turbo (More O2 molecules per CC), NOT psi.
Density Ratio in a combustion chamber at Volumetric Efficiency is different
than an absolute psi/flow number at a bypass valve, it's flow@pressure,
measured in x-CFM @ x-pressure.  Not sure a thorough understanding of flow
being proferred by you.  Air is a fluid by definition.  So, how 'bout this to
KIS.  You have a faucet in your house with a 3/4in outlet (bypass valve -hey
that's the outlet of the bosch bypass valve, didn't think of that Dave:).
 Put 9 (Pb) psi behind the cold valve, open the cold side (33F degree water)
to the maximum, you get 16oz glass in 1min (flow).  Close that valve, put
9psi behind the hot side,  open the hot side (211F degree water) to maximum
at 9psi (Pb), you get 16oz glass in 1 min (flow). 2 identical 16oz glasses of
water, one hot one cold.    What is different with the boost valve air
between turbos at 9psi(Pb) substituting xCFM (flow) for gal/min?  None.  

Pretty basic stuff here...   Again.  

Scott Justusson