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we don't need no stinking badges. . .V8 help

In message <c=NZ%a=_%p=COMPUTERLAND%l=CLWLG01-971112204835Z-2507@mail.computerland.co.nz> David Eaton writes:

> the v8 is not the only audi which went through an anonymous phase, 
> some 20v ur-q's were also distinguished by the complete absence of 
> badges (other than the audi rings).  since my 20v has "turbo" on the 
> left and "quattro" on the right of the boot lid, I can only surmise 
> that audi changed their minds monthly on their badging policy....

The 20Vs all had the four rings on the rear - but slightly smaller than the 10V 
rings.  There was an order option to 'remove' the Audi and quattro badges.
Roger's V8 doesn't even have four rings on the back end.  Literally nothing.  
The front has only the four rings in the grill.

I can surmise only that Audi's official position ("you don't need a V8 for 
performance") was overcome by demands from grass-roots marketing operations in 
countries (like the USA) where driving anything _other_ than a V8 implies you 
don't have any primary sexual organs.

When they gave in - they gave in, but refused to admit the fact.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club