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Re: Inside Diam of UrQ Cat? -Reply

>I'm not sure I get your point here. I want it to look stock and I
>now plan on filling it with fiberglass to add to the illusion of a
>functioning cat. I plan to sleeve it and use an expander to try
>and get the inside diam as close to the original inside diam,
>thereby jamming the sleeve into place. 

As I read your post, I concluded that it was your intention to run a second
pipe inside the existing pipe and through the body of the cat ... rather
than do that, I'd just cut the existing inlet and outlet pipes off and run
your sleeve through the existing holes (enlarging them, if necessary) and
either recycle the old mounting flanges or weld on new ones.  It shouldn't
be that difficult to do and will still look OEM...

>A step down to even 2 1/4" wouldn't cause as big a back
>pressure as even an unclogged cat in my mind. I could be
>wrong though. Thanks for the input.

True ... but why step down the pipe size at all?  Every little bit helps...
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