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Re: 4 Your Amusement..Quatto Comparo..sort of

 Paul_Royal@idx.com related his buddy's enjoyment of driving a 1995 SLP Firebird 
Firehawk in the snow with Goodrich ZR4's, concluding with:

   P.Oh.Yeah: Regarding the intrepid rear wheel drive horsepower 
   addicts--they all die during the winter .

The last (and only) rear-wheel drive cars I have owned were my 1966 
Turbo Corvair Corsa (69% rear weight bias) and a 1966 Chevy 
Biscayne Wagon.  Both could be driven at high speed in the snow so 
long as snow tires were applied to all four wheels.  (This was 
before hydrophylic [sp] rubber was available.)   I suggest the 
buddy's ZR4s have more to do with his observed marginal stability 
than does rear-wheel drive.

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