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Re: Mice!

At 7:32 PM -0600 on 11/12/97, Paul R Anderson wrote:
I think that Mike is out for some blood here, people.  Not have-a-heart
traps, sonic noisemakers, etc... :)

My suitemate had a mouse problem just recently...at 2am-4am, he (mouse, not
suitemate) would start running around on the ceiling tiles. Maintenance put
out poison.  Never did find the little sucker.

We've also found, almost every year, a nest in our outboard motor(40hp..not
that large!)  This year the little buggers chewed through the insultation
on the electronic ignition unit and a ground wire.  Dunno what's so tasty
about rubber/plastic insultation.  <sigh>


> It stinks but moth balls work.  The smell goes away after a while.
> >If you want to get rid of them fast I know alot of people who swear by
> >those
> >hi-freq devices sold at the home safety store, I would run an ext cord
> >into
> >the car, and hook one of these bad boys up ... Disconnet your batt and

Brett Dikeman
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