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Tail light Tips/Tricks?

In message <346AB14B.C29F054D@nh.ultranet.com> Huw Powell writes:

> 3M Strip-Calk  -  part number 051135-08578  -  20 yds/pkg (1 foot lengths).

> So I guess I'm all set for my tail light gasket repair job.  One thing - this
> stuff is hard to work with when it is cold and sticks to your fingers a bit,
> takes a while to get used to working with it.

I seem to remember that the procedure is to apply the stuff to the light 
assembly, not the car.  This part can be done in air-conditioned comfort, with 
a quick mad dash out to the car to slam the unit on and spin down the nuts.

(According to the OED, bentonite is a form of absorbent clay, and takes its name
 from Fort Benton in Montana.)

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club