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Re: FW: A4 Avant Chasis - BUMMER Response from Audi USA

Michael Williams wrote:
> >> There are no plans to import the S models to North America.

Audi's line on the S has long been: If we can sell enough to justify the
expense of federalization, we'll send them stateside.  What constitutes
"enough" seems to be the variable.  Might there be no plans to sell the
A4 Avant in any kind of tarted-up form because this truly is a niche
vehicle?  I took my first spin in a lovely dark blue Avant this week.  A
terrific little car, but arguably not a station wagon (even the sales
lit describes it as "a sports sedan with a fanny pack"), so the Avant
surely isn't going to draw many true SW fans like myself.  My Audi guy
says he did see a new A6W during the U.S. dealer A6 launch in Germany,
and promises it will have space comparable to or larger than the present
A6W.  He also says there will be a U.S.-spec S6, but did not know when
or with what engine.