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Radios, Antennas, Reception oh my...

Hey Listers,

  Seeing all these posts about radios made me want to relate my experiences.
 I don't have much experience with the later model Bose or Gamma radios, but
when I first got my Quattro the radio was horrible.  The original radio would
eat tapes and the reception was so bad I could hardly get stations in the
same city.  I first replaced the rear fender mounted antenna with a "stock"
replacement from a local car stereo place.  I sanded the ground point for the
antenna to get a better signal and made sure all the connections were tight.
 With the original radio the signal got a hell of a lot better but the
Blaupunkt was still ancient.  So a couple weeks ago I bought a new Kenwood
(with the switchable green/orange/negative, sorry Jim!) and spent about four
hours putting it in.  I do so love it when the wires aren't labeled,
allthough the Bentley did help :^).  I've talked to several car stereo
installers that have upgraded Audi's because the reception and sound quality
was horrible.  Check out some car stereo places or call Crutchfield, I've had
some good dealings with them.  Their number is 1-800-955-3000.  One other
thing, about the antennas, I've noticed that antennas that are imbeded in the
rear window tend to get a little worse reception than others.  Hope this
helps at least a little.

Rob Hill
' 86 4KCSQ