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Re: Hakka Source?

Jon Cole wrote:
> >
> > Jeff: two sources I know of:  Greer Enterprises, Milwaukee, WI (414)
> > 545-2296: I've bought two sets of Hakkas from Pat Greer in the past (in '84
> > and '89) and spoke with him a couple of weeks ago re Hakka 1s; he is a
> > reputable guy.   Second, G&G Service, also in Wisconsin, (414) 628-1716.  I
> > haven't dealth with them but believe they're also reputable from what I
> > hear through the Saab club.

I bought 2 sets of Nokia NRW from Greg Galinsky of G&G and was very happy with
the service and price.

A week ago I called up both Greer and G&G about the prices on Hakka 1 for my
coming A4TQ (keeping fingers crossed this time).
G&G quoted me $20/tire less than Greer, so needless to say that Greg is gonna get
an 8-wheel order for both my A4 and my buddie's 850T.

G&G Service
4073 Hubertus road
Hubertus, WI 53033

No affiliation.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - on order...again. For the third time and counting.
Philadelphia, PA