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Air conditioned intercooler?

I was looking through a copy of Turbo and High-Performance magazine
the other day and came across an idea that raised my eyebrows:

One of the people featured in the magazine (I think the car was a Mazda,
but that's not important) was using his nitrous-oxide setup in an
interesting (dangerous?) way.  He had a second nozzle for the nitrous
system mounted in front of the intercooler so that the cold nitrous gas
would spray directly onto the intercooler core when the system was
operating, dropping the charge temperature.  He supposedly had thought
it out so that stray nitrous was not ingested into the engine, and
mentioned that he considered using compressed CO2 for this but
because he already had the nitrous plumbing he used that instead.

It seems like it would be relatively simple and inexpensive compared to the
cost of a custom intercooler to plumb a pressurized CO2 system into our
cars to do the same thing, perhaps under control of a switch mounted
inside the car or even going to a more elaborate, automatic arrangement. 
Plus the CO2 is noncombustible and cheap.  One issue would be ducting
the airbox in such a way that the car doesn't ingest the extra CO2.

Any thoughts?

BTW, there is an interesting, clearly written post on some aspects of
turbocharging (involving Toyota MR2s) at:


Best Wishes,
'86 5KCSTQ