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Euro lights from Metrix

regarding the post from 
Sargent Schutt <sargent@novagate.com>
Subject: Euro lights for 200

>Try calling 1-800-4-METRIX. Ask for Phillip. I bought mine there for
~$600 last January. I beleive Igor Kessel got some there as well. That
was by far the best price I found. If you buy, ship fed-ex. They babysit
the package through customs - no paperwork hassles or additional fees +
quicker delivery. Very worth it. I learned the hard way. End conclusion
of lights: *very much* worth the cost.<

METRIX CANADA is a wholesaler only.  You can deal with them if you have
any sort of car business--I got my lights there too--best price, but
they do not have the replacement electrical connectors.  If you have to
deal retail, there is a parts outfit in Vancouver BC that has both
lights and replacement connnectors when needs. The name slips my mind
for now, but perhaps someone else on the list will remember.   

Joel  (88 5ktqw, 80 5k diesel)