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RE: Bose Radio

if you would like to purchase your unit and send it to me or tell me I would be more than happy depending on the unit to make the appropriate changes for you.  thus far, I've done an alpine 7618 which now resides in our friend mr. goggins car and an alpine 7558 that resides in my A4q
96 A4q

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OK, call me shallow (faint chorus of "You're shallow" can be heard) BUT
I'm interested in replacing the Delta radio (etc) in my Audi for something
better except I have not found anything that lights up in red to match the
dash (as does the factory radio).  You hardly even find aftermarket amber
setups (or dual illumination) any more - whereas a few years ago everything
was dual illum.!

So anyone know of decent head unit manufacturers who make radio/CD/cassette
units that glow RED?

-Mark Quinn