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RE: Bose Radio

only thing about that is, it's orange...not red...
96 A4q

        If you can find an Alpine 7823 from a dealer's old inventory, that
would be a perfect solution.  It will control a remote CD payer and you'll
have switchable illum., plus it wouldn't be too expensive.  The local dealer
is very disappointed Alpine has discontinued that unit's feature mix (high
power, dual pre-outs, cd controller, etc.).  It was one of the most flexible
units out there.

        I am now trying to replace the Audi/Bose junk in my V8, and the only
reasonable looking alternative so as not to get that "Tokyo by night" look
in the cockpit was the Kenwood eXcelon 907.  It is a groovy unit, and uses
other colors besides amber, though.  It is a tuner/CD, so you need outboard
amps.  Perhaps a very skilled tech. could wire it into the Bozo speakers
direct; I don't know.  Henry Harper and I discussed options over the past
few weeks and this was the best either of us could find.  I haven't bought
it yet - Henry did so and installed his last weekend in his 91 200tq and
posted about it.  He didn't mention how well it matched the interior illum.,
though.  Henry?

        Bryan Kamerer