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Should I buy a new car....

Well, I may have a chance to buy an 80 quattro (a reg, 84 ish) for 850 odd quid.
By all accounts it is in reasonable condition with 107k miles (that isn't very
much at all from what I have heard and when compared with my 80 sport with 
120 odd thousand). The photo I have seen of the car suggests it is clean with 
little rust although I should really reserve judgement until I have had a closer

After keeping up with this list for a while I reckon I have a good idea about
what to look for, *the thing I would ask is if anyone has any thoughts on 
whether or not it is worth getting rid of the 80 sport for a q?* I am thinking 
of spending enough money on either car to maintain them in as good condition as
I can and I was wondering if folks thought this would be more worth it for the 
q than the sport? It probably would involve more cash for the q than the sport.

I do like the sport and it is probably quicker in a straight line than the 80q 
but after being taken for a ride in a quattro turbo in the rain of Manchester on
Monday night (thanks again Jim) with no loss of traction when it was given a bit
of a foot full and when trying the same in my car to be met with wheel spin and
no increase in forward motion (in second, heh heh) , I am thinking it is not all
about straight line speed in the dry.

Lastly it would make me feel a lot better and less guilty about posting to 
this list about my fwd car...

Cheers for any help.


85 80 sport and counting.....