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Re: Audi A3 CD Rom

At 09:20 97.11.14. -0500, you wrote:
>Hi All, I filled out the form on the Audi Germany page for the A3 CD Rom.
>The form is in German so I guessed at how to fill it in. This was a few
>weeks ago and yesterday I actually received it in the mail. How cool. You
>can do a virtual tour of all 3 models of A3, including interior etc. No
>Video games DARN. Anyway check it out at the Audi Germany webpage. Later-G

When I filled the form, it was also in English... may be you didn't choose
the English language at the beginning?
But the CD is really cool... but there could be more information on Audi in
general, and there is nothing said about Quattro, so A3 comes only in FWD?