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re: Are Coupe GT & Ur-Q rear decks interchangable?

I'm looking to install a better pair of speakers in the rear deck of my
but don't want to cut it up so I have found a Coupe GT rear deck that
like to use instead ... I know they're different but will the Coupe one
Unfortunately, the yard that's selling it won't let me try it in the car
before I buy it so I can't take the easy way out on this...

Yup, I have a re-carpeted rear deck from a GT in my ur-q. I had to notch
it for the rear wiper shaft and I also did some trimming where the
seatbelts come through the deck. I recall the ur-q belts come through
the deck 
on the slope, where the GT belts come through the flat section. But I
able to make it work and it dropped right in.
Dave Lawson
'90 200 tqavant
'83 ur-q