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re: Eurolocks and foul weather

"Armstead, Brian" <barmstea@usia.gov> wrote:
> Fellow Listers:  I recently purchased a set of Eurolocks (after snapping 
> a McGard in two!).  Last night, things froze up a bit around here, and I 
> started wondering if any of you in really foul climates have had any 
> trouble with ice or snow build up preventing you from getting your 
> Eurolocks off to change a flat, etc.???  There doesn't seem to be much 
> room for error with the Eurolock key.


Do you like them?  (obviously, you must)

I had a set for a few days, and I wasn't very impressed with 
their design.  It seemed like you could fairly easily break that 
red outer collar off and turn the aluminum lock/screw with a pair 
of needlenose.  Granted, if someone didn't know how they worked 
internally, they wouldn't know what to do.

It just seemed like they were good for an added deterrent, but 
not too terribly strong as far as actual physical resistance to 

I sent them back to Ron's Parts because they stuck out too far to 
fit under my AZEV caps.  I'm not a millionaire yet, and wasn't 
quite curious enough to destroy them to test my theory either.

I know Mike Tipton had a set on his "Ultimate Coupe GT" in the 
Personals section of European car, at least that's what they 
looked like.

Any comments?

Just curious.

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