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Re: Franco gear

 I was just not sure if the change in the hall effect sensor
>> position relative to the crank sensors would mess up the computer's 
>> to correct the timing.
e_.  As far as the 
>based sensors are concerned, these events are indistinguishable - a 
>signal is required to determine which of the two flywheel pulses 
>within a 
>complete cycle is actually the firing stroke.  Once this is done, the 
>ECU can 
>disregard the Hall sensor completely.

My Kawasaki motorcycle fires every crank revolution shooting a spark
at the end of the exhaust stroke.  Do any autos with crank fire do this
or is it too much of a problem given the overlap and subsequent presence
of fuel charge at the top of the exhaust stroke?

Paul Anderson, Cheyenne, WY  Private email:AndersonPaul@juno.com