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Hey-I've been *absent* for about 6 months, absorbed
in work. In any case, after backing my beloved pearl
'89 200QTW into a tree and waiting 2 months to get it
fixed, I realized that the car just wasn't practical

I spent over $7500 in maintenance on it this year
(not including the $1000 deductible for the
accident). Granted, I spent about $1500 in new used
Fuchs wheels and Koni shocks, but that car was
draining my pocket book to the tune of at least
$500/month. Worse was the brakes were behaving
strangely and it sounded like my fuel pump needed to
be replaced. I was fed up. And the poor car hates
being driven in stop and go traffic; since my company
got bought by Yahoo!, my commute just got WORSE. 

So I traded her in-my dream car, a 200 QUATTRO TURBO
WAGON with heated leather seats and FUCHS wheels for
a ...... Audi A4 Avant!!!!

WOW! If you all haven't tried, you should! This thing
is amazing! Pricey as hell, but...

In any case, just wanted to say I got rid of the old
one and have a newbie. Good thing-free maintenance
for 3 years. I LEASED IT for 3 years. Hope to keep
the maintenance prollums at bay! I've probably
rambled long enough for now, but if anyone is
interested in the "transition" from the turbo-5000
series to the A4, I'm happy to expound.

'98 A4 Avant;  Pearl, Handling package, 65 miles
former '89 200 QTW; LOADED, Fuchs, Pearl 96.5K miles
former '86 Coupe; rear sway bars, leather, 15x7
Ronals 156K miles
Twain Mein
Producer, Yahoo!

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