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Re: Removing Badges / Emblems

You guys are using pretty esoteric stuff to remove badges. Me, I use a hair
dryer, a pair of pliers, and a lot of patience. It helps if you leave the
car parked in the sun on a summer day for a while.

I just heat the badge up, slowly, with the hair dryer, and apply constant,
steady pressure with the pliers at one end. As soon as the goo starts to
loosen, I relocate the pliers by an inch or so and continue the pressure.

It takes 10-20 minutes per badge, but everything comes off clean, and I
save the carbon fiber dental floss for more important things :)


Lee Levitt
wheelman @ shore.net
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webmaster, NeedhamOnline - http://www.NeedhamOnline.com
1990 Audi 200T, 82K
1995 Range Rover County LWB, 60K
1987 Wicked Fat Chance, 1981 Condor