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Re: cooling intercoolers

>What kind of real world results have you seen? (cc the reply to the

I haven't taken any measurements but I've subjectively found the car's
performance doesn't drop off quite as quickly as before ... if you've been
reading the QSHIPQ v. STEADIRIC posts, you'll know the K24 heatsoaks up very
quickly -- after as little as two or three short (3 second) bursts when it's
really hot out -- but with the intercooler-cooler running, I don't notice
any drop in power.  However, I have noticed the tank will run dry within 15
minutes if I really hammer on it (cruising at 85mph up the hill to
Flagstaff, where you can be into the boost for minutes on end) whereas it
will last for three tankfuls of gas in normal use.

On the whole, for the less than $10 it cost me, I'm satisfied ... someday,
when I've got time, I'll document the results more carefully.  I've got a
couple of thermocouples lying around and it shouldn't be too hard to run an
input-output comparison across the intercooler ... I think Paul Timmerman
has already done tested the cooler setup he installed on his Ur-Q.  Any
input on this?

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