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Re: Compression decreasing block on MC turbo engines...

> Yes, S4 pistons would fit the block; they do need to be
> matched to a 20V head. Think about the combustion chamber,
> it is a different shape and volume. If you want pistons for
> a 10V head there is a plethora of them out there. Look to
> the VW parts bin.
> The S4 (U.S. AAN version) is a 2.226 litre just like the
> MC, JT etc.

Guess the 20V head would mean new timing gear and electronics
as well. :) I spoke to some Audi guys here in South Africa
about 1.5 months ago and asked them if they had a 20V head
and pistons for me. They told me I'd need new conrods and
crank as well. Is this true? I guess with the better air flow
of the 20V I could push the turbo to higher boost, right?
But all this would mean (again) updated timing gear and
the electronics changed. Might as well buy the S4, but at
a cost of 10 times what my current baby is worth! :)

These pistons for the 10V head, I assume you mean ones that
would ever so slightly increase my compression ratio. I
assume any change in compression ratio by new piston fitment
wouldn't mean I'd have to change timing or electronics,
conrods or crank, does it?

Just how much more power can one get from these 10V head and
pistons jobs if the compression ratio can be upped from 7.8:1
to, say, 8.2:1 or 8.5:1?

Just a note, this is just me feeling around again. Just
trying to see what could or can be done to these MC motors.
The only things I've finally decided on doing is change the
fuel pump cut-off levels in the ECU and increase the boost
pressures to 1.6 (maybe 1.8 later when the slushbox I have
breaks apart from the 1.6 boost and power and I have to
replace it with a manual!). Both those things will be done from
info and help this list has provided. These MC engines have a
lot of potential and if I can determine a definite potential
by increasing compression ratios I'll do it eventually. :)


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