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'83 URQ

I'm going to have to part with my '83 URQ after 10 years of ownership!

The marketplace page on the Quattro homepage has been out for quite some
time now, so I was hoping someone on the mailing list could give me some
ideas about where to advertise.  I've followed this list off and on for
several years and believe that this group is the most knowledgeable and
aware of Quattro issues and values.

My car is all stock and runs well, but needs TLC, which I've been trying
to find the time and money to give it for the past several years and
failed.  This car would be a fine car to clean up or hot rod, or even a
parts car (but I'd hate to see that happen!).

Any ideas on how to find someone who knows its value and what they might
be getting into?


Pat Sandfort
Boise, ID