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Re: Air conditioned intercooler?

At 7:05 PM -0600 on 11/14/97, Paul R Anderson wrote:

> my Fiat Spider.  Once I saw a guy with a Toyota pickup that had a swamp
> cooler.
> He had built a little shelf in the box and it blew cool air in through
> the sliding
> rear window.  Pretty clever and no refrigerant to mess with.
I have a small humidifier in my room that is a "natural evaporative"
kind...it has a mesh pad that a fan pulls the air through.  I know that
greenhouses use a similar contraption, the size of a window, with a pump or
drip system tokeep it all wet.  Keeps the greenhouse nice and cool, even in
the summer.

I guess the ideal location would be after the turbo.
Two problems:
-space(this would have to be a large pad!  8x10 inches I would guess.)
-keeping the pad wet.  If you use a small pump, or drip system, might work,
but you'd need a way to drain water out of the contraption so that it
didn't overflow+hydrolock.  Put icewater in the tank and you'll get some
nice action.

Plumbing , ignoring the space issue, wouldn't be too hard...only real
concern is the high temps.

really need more space in that engine compartment :)


PS:movie alert! "One Crazy Summer"...two of the graduation-gift cars are
Audi's(others included a Ford Thunderbird(ick) and the star of the movie
gets a street sweeper :). Had a 4k and an older 5k(with the dual
sealed-beam headlights)
Also, the ending scene with the Ferrari engine used as a marine engine was
cute :)

Brett Dikeman
dikemanb@stu.beloit.edu dikemanb@edison.ma.ultranet.com
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