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Cars for sale

Hi All!

I went by a sell it yourself lot today and saw the following cars for
sale that may interest one or more of you:

'93 V8 Quattro - Pearl White with gray leather.  BBS's, etc.  BEAUTIFUL
car!  $31.9K.  If interested let me know, and I'll go back and get phone
number, miles, etc.

'90 V8 Quattro - Black/Black.  Excellent condition with 78K miles.
Owner is asking $12.9K.  Again, if interested let me know.

'88 90 Quattro - Red/Black leather.  Good condition but high miles,
180K.  Asking $4850.

'86 4000 Quattro - Red/Gray cloth.  Good condition 150K

'86 4000 Quattro - Lt. Blue/Gray.  Good condition (didn't get the miles)

'86 4000 Quattro - White/Gray leather (this used to be my car).  185K
miles.  $2500/offer.

I have no affiliation whatsoever but if anyone would like more details
on any of these cars, let me know and I'll find out.

-mark nelson

P.S. got my front brakes all finished today on the 4kq!  Just have to
weld up the rear brackets for the calipers and spot calipers then get
some Grade 12 bolts for the brackets...look for more pictures soon...