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Damage caused by overfilling tranny

I've had a recurring tranny fluid leak on my '92 100S autobox. It was coming
 from the seals on the tranny. I had it fixed originally back in August, and
it recurred again back in October. I took it back to the same place, and they
told me it was leaking out of the breather hole on top of the tranny. They
said they used a V8 dipstick intead of the proper V6 one, and had overfilled
it. They now have a V6 dipstick, and supposedly now have the fluid back at
the correct level. I've had the car back for about a month now, and the leak
is back again. The tranny has also been acting up lately (making vibrating
noises when accelerating from a stop, shifting weird, etc). I never had any
of these other probelms before. When I talked to the service manager of the
garage today, he said the only damage overfilling the tranny will cause is
from the fire that will occur if the excess fluid gets on the manifold and
catches fire. I think this is bull#$%&, of course. So what damage can
overfilling the tranny cause? TIA.

'92 100S (67k)