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RE: CD Changer for a 98 A4

I put mine, an alpine chms-604, in my glove box...
96 A4q

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From:	Gary M Whipple [SMTP:usawctchair@juno.com]
Sent:	Saturday, November 15, 1997 8:17 AM
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Subject:	CD Changer for a 98 A4 

I recently purchased a Panasonic CD changer (different from the Alpine
changer that went in 1997's and early 1998's) and installation kit from
Audi for my 1998 A4 1.8TQM.  Unfortunately there were no installation
instructions for the "bracket".  I surmise the multicompartment plastic
box that holds the changer is to be mounted behind the driver side rear
wheel well. 

I've tried Audi  in New Jersey, Audi in Germany, Jet's Forum, the dealer
who sold me the car, and the dealer who sold me the changer, and none of
them have come through with any information.  If one of you has already
attempted such an installation and could share details about the anchor
points etc., it would be a big help.   

Thanks in advance.